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Conference Room AV Systems  


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Gives your organization the power to connect and collaborate effectively. As video conferencing innovation has evolved to include all the modern ways enterprises meet, meeting and conferencing experience is easy like no other. We help you connect people to make your workplaces great so you can take all the credit for the improved meeting culture and productivity.


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Regardless of any meeting room sizes, we can help you to achieve an optimum sound and matching while protecting the speakers against overload damage after installing built in speaker systems. Equalizers, speaker processors, and a multitude of other audio components will also be configured by our professional IT architect so that you can have an increased clarity and intelligibility.


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We are ready to perform as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget for a consistent high-performance voice conferencing for your meeting room, conference room, boardroom or training room. You can be ensure that you will get to enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple communication systems to more sophisticated solutions with voice conferencing and wireless communications.


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Video walls systems are favoured by many corporation from big public hall venue to small restaurant. The multiple LED/LCD monitors can be tiled together continuously or overlapped in order to form one large screen and at any angle. Respectively, patrons could view the screens both up near and at a distance, depending on the configuration and setting on the videos, and our professional IT architect will help you with these deployment and configuration.


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Beside bringing you durable and stylish projector screen, we also deliver high quality and superb service from the start point to the end point of deploying the projector screen. We support box up bracket customization, transporting any projector screen size (By staircase if needed) to doing the installation and configuration.